Queens of Australian News

February 20, 2018

Tracy Grimshaw

Presenter, A Current Affair (Nine Network)


Why she’s a queen: 

Yes, ACA is a bit of a joke, with segments full of camera shoving and overt bias on a range of issues, like bad tenants, ‘welfare cheats’ and grocery shopping. But Tracy Grimshaw more than makes up for the show’s poor journalism, serving us blown out hair and business suit looks in the 7 p.m. slot each night.




Dougal Beatty

Reporter and Fill-in Presenter, Nine News (Nine Network)


Why she’s a queen: 

Okay so I may or may not have included Dougal on this list because I like to look at him. But can you blame me? With his blue eyes, perfect set of teeth and impeccably coiffed hair, he is definitely the heartthrob of 9News.


AND he can to cook.

AND he likes babies.

AND puppies. 

And I don’t even need to explain why I included this picture:



Plus, I recently bumped into him at Uni and fangirled HARD. 



Leila McKinnon

Reporter, 9News and Fill-in Presenter, A Current Affair (Nine Network)


Why she’s a queen: 

I’m not gonna lie, I kind of included her on the list because she’s a dead ringer for country queen Carrie Underwood.

You can’t tell me I’m wrong.


However, upon further research on Queen Leila, I found out that she ignited a Twitter frenzy in early 2016. Filling in for Queen Tracy Grimshaw on an episode of A Current Affair, many viewers pointed out that Leila was suddenly speaking with a lisp. Some people on Twitter were even sending her hate Tweets. But like the classy queen she is, Leila took the high road.

Queen of self-deprecating humour.



Peter Hitchener

Presenter, 9News (Nine Network)


Why she’s a queen: 

From all accounts, Hitch is a genuine, nice bloke. If you're not already him on social media, you need to. Aside from frequent photos of food, animals and his beautiful self, Hitch loves his memes and hashtags. And, you know, he's one of the most well respected figures in Australian media too. 



Georgia Love

Reporter, Ten Eyewitness News (Network Ten)


Why she’s a queen: 

Obviously we all know Georgia as the first ever Australian Bachelorette.

After picking Lee Elliott as the winner from her harem of hot men (still kinda salty she didn't pick Matty J though...), she continued to grace our television screens as a reporter for Ten Eyewitness News. This queen has earned her spot on my list for the very fact that she hasn't faded into obscurity, only to appear in the occasional Daily Mail article or reemerge for an annual 5 seconds in the Melbourne Cup Birdcage.



Mike Larkan

Weather Presenter, Ten Eyewitness News (Network Ten)


Why she’s a queen: 

Mike Larkan is known for his mid-weather report dad jokes, Give a Dog a Home segments, and rocking up to random primary schools and awkwardly interacting with kids. However, I have a more personal connection to Mike. A few years ago, my family were going out to St. Kilda one night. After finding a parking spot, who else would walk up to us and offer us his parking ticket but Mike Larkan? A true queen is kind to the peasants.



Amber Sherlock

Presenter, Nine News Now (Nine Network)


Why she's a queen (but, like, one that would 100% execute you in the public square):


Lee Lin Chin

Presenter, SBS World News (SBS)


Why she’s a queen: 

Saving the best 'til last, Lee Lin Chin occupies the final spot on my Queens of Australian News list. Although I don't think she would actually like me referring to her as a 'Queen'...


A combination of her signature asymmetrical outfits and incredible Twitter account have made her an icon of Australian news presenting. Being one of the only prominent Asians on Australian television and a well-respected person in the industry, she is one of my idols. And even though she presents herself as an untouchable goddess, she isn't above interacting with her loyal subjects every now and then.


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