My Top 13 Celebrity Crushes

March 25, 2018


Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I have a LOT of celebrity crushes. I'm constantly fawning over famous people that don't even know I exist. But yet again, unreciprocated love is a common theme in my life. To resolve any confusion (particularly in my own mind, because probably none of my friends would care), I thought I'd compile a list of my favourite celebrity crushes.


Here goes!




13. Joshua John Russell


JJR is the host of Craftsy's YouTube series 'Man About Cake' where the bubbly pastry chef creates an extra af cake each episode. I'm a sucker for a man that can cook. Given that he's an expert at cake decorating, he's also really good with his hands... Being a major cutie doesn't hurt his case either.




12. Nick Fradiani


Nick Fradiani is the only person on this list that has (somewhat) acknowledged my existence. And by that, I mean he follows me on Twitter. After winning the 14th season of American Idol, his career hasn't reached the heights of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood or even Jennifer Hudson. But he's reached the number 12 spot on my countdown of celebrity crushes, and that's gotta count for something, right?




11. Big Sean


I'll be honest and say that I don't really know much about Big Sean. I don't even listen to his music. I'm just really obsessed with his teeth. They're perfect. I have a thing for a good set of pearly whites. Oh, and the rest of him is really beautiful too. Apparently he's dating some singer named Jhené Aiko and recently threw her a surprise birthday party. That's boyfriend material right there.




10. Brendon Urie


For the record, I think Brendon Urie is one of the greatest vocalists of our generation. My admiration for his incredible range and control over his instrument has culminated in hours spent watching fan-made compilations of the Panic! At The Disco frontman. I consequently fell in love (or as much as one can in this situation) with his quirky personality and sense of humour. It helps that he's easy on the eyes too.




9. Donal Skehan


Like with my 13th spot crush Joshua John Russell, Donal Skehan is a chef. Good looking chef = a smitten Trent. Donal earns extra points though, because he has an adorable Irish accent and beautiful blue eyes. Fun fact: he was also a member of a boy band called Streetwize, and was in a pop group called Industry. Unfortunately for me (because I totally had a chance with him), he got married to Sofie Larsson in 2015 and the couple have an adorable baby named Noah.




8. Sam Palladio


Sam Palladio first alerted my celebrity crush radar when I first saw him on the show Nashville. Obviously he's a very good-looking man, but I was immediately attracted to his adorkable character Gunnar Scott, an aspiring country singer. It was only until recently when I heard him speak in an interview that I discovered that he's actually British. This definitely catapulted him a few places up my rankings.




7. Tyler Hoechlin


Yes, I'm a basic gay. Yes, I got successfully gay-baited by Teen Wolf. And yes, Tyler Hoechlin was 100% the hottest guy in that show's cast. The obvious elephant (or wolf, if you will) in the room is that he's gorgeous; his body is incredible and has the most incredible green eyes. He kind of looks like a guy who would treat me like shit, but then every once in a while do something sweet that'll make me forgive him. I'm a masochist like that.




6. Jussie Smollett


Another TV crush of mine. Jesus, I watch a lot of TV. Jussie Smollett plays singer Jamal Lyon, the gay son of hip hop moguls Cookie and Lucious Lyon, on the show Empire. The best part is that he's actually gay in real life, so I kinda sorta not really but maybe have a chance with him. He seems like a really nice, down-to-earth kind of fellow, and is a real good singer to boot. Call me plz.




5. Robert Roldan


I discovered Robert Roldan many years ago when he competed on the seventh season of So You Think You Can Dance where he placed third. Over the years, supposedly like a good wine (I wouldn't know - I don't actually drink alcohol), he has definitely developed into a very beautiful man. He's had his glow up, if you will. Not only is he a phenomenal dancer, but he constantly thirst traps me with his frequent modelling shots on Instagram. He also frequently performs on SYTYCD as an All Star, often dancing shirtless.




4. Jeremy Jordan


Aside from being a successful Broadway actor, Jeremy Jordan is probably most well known for his work on the show Supergirl. Funnily enough, I actually discovered him through his cover of Celine Dion's iconic anthem 'It's All Coming Back to Me Now' at 54 Below. Don't ask how I found it. Not only did his voice blow me away, but his cheeky performance had me falling head over heels at first sight. He's unfortunately off the market though; he's been married to Broadway actress and singer Ashley Spencer since 2012. 




3. Jade Thirlwall


I may not be sexually attracted to women, but that hasn't stopped me from developing a full-fledged straight crush on Jade Thirlwall. I would 100% go straight for her and would be so down for a touch of Jade's love. As one fourth of Little Mix, Jade is constantly serving looks, vocals and plenty of sass. On top of this, she's a big supporter of the LGBT+ community. Last year, girlfriend had a drag-themed 25th birthday kiki where she wore an extra af rainbow dress and wig as her drag persona Shaneeda Nibbles, and raised money for Stonewall at her fabulous party. I love this woman.




2. Travis Wall


Another So You Think You Can Dance alum, Travis Wall rose to prominence after finishing as the runner-up on Season 2. He has since come back to the show as a choreographer. And what an incredible choreographer he is, having created some of the most incredible contemporary dance routines I've ever seen. I'd probably be too intimidated to actually date him, because's a massive hero of mine, but that can't stop me from hardcore crushing on this beautiful man. Travis got engaged to his partner Dom Palange in 2016, and they're one of those borderline annoyingly perfect gay couples that you can't help but love anyway. No, I'm not bitter! Okay, maybe just a little...




1. Milo Ventimiglia


If you've ever had a conversation with me, it should come to no surprise that none other than Milo Ventimiglia is my number one celebrity crush. There are hundreds of reasons why I love him. Firstly, from all accounts, he is a sweet and genuine guy. He also has the sexiest crooked smile, beautiful light brown eyes and, of course, an incredible body. Milo is always well dressed, and keeps me on my toes with different hairstyles and facial hair looks. I love a man that surprises me. And whether he's playing bad boy Jess Mariano in Gilmore Girls, tortured soul/male nurse Peter Petrelli in Heroes, or major DILF Jack Pearson in This Is Us, Milo has managed to remain consistently hot throughout the years and has a way of constantly making me swoon. So congrats Mi, you've won my heart along with the number one spot on this countdown. 



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