13 Signs You're Addicted to Eurovision


Anastasia Vassiliadis lives and breathes Eurovision. With the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest well underway, we’re hooked as well! Here are 13 signs that you’ve become addicted too.


1. You attend and host Eurovision Parties


Do you have a party every year with decorations, costumes and food galore? Do you play drinking games every time there’s a wind machine, a key change or a costume change? Do you (okay yes I’m lame) make your own voting sheets so you and your friends can have your own Eurovision house party results? I mean, let’s be real, getting together with friends to party is the best reason to watch Eurovision! 


2. You have a bunch of Eurovision CDs


If you own more than 5 Eurovision CDs, I think you’re bordering on obsessed. (I have 10… and I listen to them regularly.) If you’re looking to buy some, 2007 and 2009 were excellent years!


3. You wake up early to watch it


None of this primetime bullsh*t. You’re a serious Eurovision watcher? You get up at 5 a.m. no matter the cost. SBS isn’t showing it? You find an online stream. It’s in Dutch? You speak beginner’s German, so close enough… (my life is a joke.) One year I woke up at 5 a.m. a day too early because I was so excited and got my dates confused…


4. You record the broadcast


"Watching it once is enough". Ha ha ha good one, Anna. I record it and generally watch each Semi-Final and Final around 3 times during Eurovision week, and then as many times as I can throughout the coming months and years for endless hours of Eurovision fun!


5. You have the entire week blocked off for Eurovision-only activities


Homework? Assignments? Sport? Work? Um, I don’t think so. I have been known to conveniently get 'sick' every year in May. Not sure if anyone at work has worked it out yet but hey, can’t have those distractions. Last year I had to stream the primetime broadcast at my cousin’s wedding. No biggie. 


6. You talk about Eurovision 24/7


Do I mention Eurovision to basically everyone I meet? Possibly. Do I force my friends to watch it with me? Maybe. Did I get more attracted to a guy I was seeing because he knew who Lordi are? Definitely. 


I have been known to strike up a convo or two with some randoms on public transport… seriously, I wasn’t lying about Eurovision bringing people together. Not to mention the group chat a few friends of mine and I have, where we talk Eurovision all-year-round.


7. You know who Johnny Logan is 


Um, just like, Australia’s biggest connection to the contest ever. Frankston-born Logan represented Ireland at Eurovision two times in 1980 (What’s Another Year) and 1987 (Hold Me Now) and won both times. He also wrote the winning song in 1992 (Why Me). He is Eurovision royalty, so check him out. Also, Hold Me Now is a tuneee.



8. You know what douze points means


French is one of the official E.S.C. languages, and votes are read out not only in English but French as well. Most Eurovision fans can count to 12 in French, 12 being the highest allocation of points a country can give. 


9. You study Eurovision at university 


Okay, studying it is one thing. But getting your best ever mark at uni for it as another. What a lol but tbh I’m pretty proud of it. 


Check out the handbook guys. It’s rad!


10.You know an entire Eurovision song in a foreign language


In 2007, it was Molitva by Marija Šerifović. In 2014, it was Quero ser tua by Suzy. In 2017, it was Occidentali’s Karma by Francesco Gabbani. You have to do it.


11.You have a ready list of popular songs that became famous at the E.S.C. to shut down the haters


Waterloo, Volare, Eres Tú, Congratulations, Making Your Mind Up, Euphoria, Hey Mama, Puppet On A String, Save Your Kisses for Me, Hold Me Now… I could keep going all day. Haters gonna hate, but they’re wrong. 



12. You have a pretty awesome Spotify playlist with all the best Eurovision songs


(Shameless plug, but check out my Eurovision playlist!)


Okay but seriously my playlist is the besttttt. Follow me for endless Eurovision nostalgia and good times.  


13. The following people have become household names: 


Silvía Knight, Valentina Monetta, Cezar, Knez, Milan Stanković, Dima Bilan, Boaz, Verka Serduchka, and of course… PETRA MEDE (she’s just like the GREATEST EUROVISION PRESENTER OF ALL TIME).


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